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Syndrome (PSVR) /PS4

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Syndrome takes the genre back to its terrifying roots as players wake up on a deserted spaceship, dazed and confused from a deep cryosleep only to discover that most of the crew are dead or? changed. In the midst of this deeply frightening environment, surrounded by reactive enemies that pick up on every move and sound, players must discover what has happened to the spaceship and how to escape its claustrophobic confines alive.To survive the horror of what is left of the crew, gamers first arm themselves with the few weapons that are scattered about only to discover that ammunition is scarce and not really adequate to deal with the transformed monstrosities lurking in the shadows of the ship, which reacts violently to every movement and noise.Gamers soon discover that hiding and breathing as noiselessly as possible is the best course of action to both avoid and defeat the enemies.IMPORTANT NOTE:Although the main game ("Story Mode") cannot be played in VR, we have included an additional game mode, an Endless Survival game mode that requires VR equipment (?VR GAME?).To unlock the VR GAME, the player must first complete ?LEVEL 1? of the main game ("Story Mode").That is to make sure the player understands the story and to get used to the setting before jumping in to the VR experience.In VR GAME MODE, the player is trapped in a part of the spaceship as the sole crew survivor. The ship is infested with mutant monsters who seek the players flesh and blood.The VR game has a timer (number of days) and the goal is to stay alive for the maximum time possible. How many days will you survive?KEY FEATURES:PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift support: it?s good to play the game, but even better to be inside the game!Claustrophobic Horror: the action takes place inside a spaceship. There are countless horrors inside, both physical and psychological.Fight or hide: there are weapons on the ship, but not enough ammo to take everyone out...Use them wisely.Engaging storyline: nothing is what it seems. Something very bad happened aboard the ship, and it?s up to you to find out what?s really going on.Reactivate enemies: they?ll follow noises and investigate any disturbances.Interactive scenario: there?s plenty of exploration to do inside the ship, and many things to discover. Hacking systems, Interactive screens and weapons crafting (by modifying existing weapons). Box Contains 1 Games Disc

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