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This PEGI Descriptor lets us know that a game may contain reference or simulated violence. This can range from the depiction of real life violence to fantasy cartoon based violence. This also includes the use of weapons weather real or fictional. The violence rating also encompasses scenes of blood or blood letting within a video games plot or storyline.
The use of violence within video games remains one of the largest reaching descriptors. In 2012 55.2% of games released had some form of violence depiction. This is in relation to in game cut scenes or a characters being used to commit or are subject to violent acts. Both of these scenarios may contain blood or the death of a character. This can range from mild cartoon violence against non-human characters to extreme acts of vivid violence such as premeditated murder or warfare. Two examples of video games that depict violence are Konami’s Metal Gear Solid v: Ground Zeroes to Ubisoft’s Might & Magic Heroes Online.