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This PEGI Descriptor lets us know that the video game being purchased has an online mode. This allows for players to interact with other owners of the same game. This may result in meeting people online with different views or beliefs, and may also allow for the projection of these views in a real timer unvented fashion. This also relates to the transmission of personal information on the internet.
Online gaming has become integral to many games experience, this may be in the form of in game downloadable content, or interaction with other gamers on the same platform. This may leave players open to abuse or ideas that are not necessarily related to the game itself. This type of communication is mostly done through the use of in game headsets and microphones. The licence to display the PEGI Online Logo is granted by the PEGI Online Administrator to any online gameplay service provider that meets the requirements set out in the PEGI Online Safety Code (POSC).
Two examples of games that have online functionality are EA’s Titanfall and Ubisofts Watch Dogs.