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This PEGI descriptor lets us know that a video game may contain profanity, sexual innuendo, threats, and all manner of slurs, insults, and epithets. This may be in relation to sex, race and drugs, as well as a number of other areas that may be related to profanity, stretching from the discrimination of women or the threat of violence towards an individual.
The depiction or use of bad language within video games are only seen in video games within games of PEGI Rating 12 and up. Because of the fictional nature of video games in general any number of scenarios within these age ranges may conjure up scenes that contain bad language in relation to in game events or characters. The type of language used can range from mild profanity to very strong language.
Two examples of games that contain bad language within its plot or storyline are Ubisofts ZombiU and Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes