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Nintendo Switch Lite - Blue

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A blue Nintendo Switch Lite handheld gaming console. Buy this product from Go2Games for £199.99. A lightweight portable device capable of playing any Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. Wirelessly connect compatible controllers in order to play games that don't require or support handheld modes. Capable of local wireless multiplayer, online multiplayer via an optional online subscription service and app downloads. Link up to eight Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite Systems together for multiplayer fun anywhere. Also choose between tabletop or handheld gaming modes. Button layout includes: A control pad/D-pad, two analogue sticks either side (can be clicked as additional buttons), L and R shoulder buttons (as well as ZL and ZR buttons just below), A-B-X-Y buttons for those familiar with DS handheld consoles, the capture button (take screenshots or videos during gameplay), a standard Home menu button and plus and minus buttons. Also includes a standard 3.55mm audio jack for headphones and gaming headsets! Charge via Type-C USB connector. This console also supports the following memory cards of Micro SD, Micro SDCH and Micro SDXC, allowing you to expand your memory if the console's built-in storage isn't enough, but note an internet connection is required to use Micro SDXC cards. The primary touchscreen used for this console is approximately 5.5 inches, with a base memory of 32 GB. Average battery life of up to 6 hours, though this may vary depending on the game being played. Takes approximately 3 hours to charge up to full battery from empty / while in sleep mode. Also keep up to date with the news board and Nintendo eShop, where you can buy or download various games, software, DLC, applications and more (including free ones). Save your gaming screenshots and videos in easily accessible albums, which you can transfer wirelessly to a smart device. Optional parental controls features are also useful for supporting a child-friendly user experience.

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