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Nights of Azure (PS4)

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In Nights of Azure the player controls Arnice, a member of a knightly order called ‘Curia’, tasked with protecting humanity from the azure-blooded demons that surface during night time. Unlike previous Gust titles, the protagonist has a very active role in the real-time battle system. Arnice takes on her task armed with a variety of impressive weapons ranging from a simple sword to a long-range gun with special healing abilities. She gradually becomes proficient with five types of weapons, including a battle hammer that deals area damage, a dagger that causes a bleeding effect, and a longsword that drains her enemies’ blood to increase attack bonuses!

Item Specifics
Condition: New
Release Date: 1 Apr 2016
Category Type: Video Games
Publisher Category: KOEI
Brand: KOEI
Platform: PS4
Genre: Action, RPG
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