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N. Switch Joy-Con Pair - Red/Blue

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More fun with Joy-Con The Nintendo Switch console has a controller on each side, both of which also can be used together: The Joy-Con. If you connect both joy-con with the Joy-Con-holder, you can use as a traditional controller. Without the bracket, one can both independently as two separate controller. Enter a joy-con simply to a friend, you can together or against one another everywhere multi-player games. The Joy-Con can be used vertically or horizontally to play, but you can play with a joy-con per hand is possible. Connect the joy-con wrist straps with the joy-con and attach them to your wrist to the motion control system. Do you think the joy-con side, you can easily use the SL and SR-buttons. A completely new gaming experience Imagine the joy-con is a glass with ice cubes. Thanks to the HD-vibration you feel when you move the joy-con how the ice cubes in the glass. One, two,... The HD-vibration is so realistic that you can tell how many ice cubes there are - as if you hold the glass actually in your hand. The HD-vibration function of the joy-con enables a thrilling gaming experience, which would not be possible solely through image and sound. I feel form, motion and distance The Infrared Motion camera of the Joy-Con (R) recognizes shapes, movements and the distance of objects that the camera looks. It may, for example, detect whether a hand straight shears, stone or paper. With this new function are now more input methods are available than ever before! This text is machine translated.

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