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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 (#) /Switch

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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Nintendo Switch Game (#) Amazon.co.uk Review WithOnimusha: Warlords, PlayStation 2 owners with a passion forResident Evil's genre-launching gameplay are in luck: Capcom delivers the same world-famous gameplay style (sans zombies) in a beautiful action adventure set in a mystical medieval Japanese kingdom. It probably won't win any awards for ground-breaking gameplay, but the fast-paced action promises to overload the senses with more than enough stimuli to notice. The experience is set in 16th-century Japan, a fantastical era in which warlords clash for control of the country. As the samurai Samanosuke, players volunteer to rescue the kidnapped princess Yuki. No surprise that the ultimate goal (and the entire storyline, for that matter) falls by the wayside as hordes of demons converge on the player hour after hour. The weapons system benefits from the flashy graphics--as players discover and add gems to a gauntlet, weapon upgrades increase firepower with increasingly dramatic effects. Graphically, the game is stunning. Carving through the levels--forests, tunnels, and the requisite dark, dank castle environment--isn't anything less than a spectacular experience, thanks in much part to the game's unusually high production values. Character models are built from up to 10,000 polygons each--high detail, even for a PS2 game. Subtle environmental effects--the wind flowing through the trees ripples the fabric in characters' clothes, for instance--furthers the game's realism. The backgrounds are painstakingly detailed and nicely enhanced by dynamic lighting effects. The talent behind the aural effects is just as impressive; Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro lent his voice to the main character, and a 200-piece orchestra delivers a dramatic score. Call over any PS2 sceptics in your neighbourhood, then load up Onimusha: Warlords. A few minutes with this game may turn any zombie gamer into a next-generation gaming system fan. --Eric Twelker

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