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Mad Catz CYBORG amBX Gaming Lights

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amBX gaming lights Multi-hinge design allows for flexible positioning to maximize color spread Breathe new life into your games, music and movies with powerful lighting effects in 16 million colors The innovative amBX system helps build enhanced atmosphere to create a truly immersive surround gaming experience. Especially useful for those late night gaming sessions, the amBX lights may even help relieve eye strain by spreading the colour and light beyond that displayed by your monitor. Dependent on the game and its level of support for amBX, the lighting effects range from ambient lighting that matches the game world you're playing in, through status effects (light up red to indicate that you're in danger) to letting you know which direction you're being shot at from. Works with most Direct 3D games - Provided the game you're playing works correctly with Direct 3D, even if it doesn't directly support amBX, the lights will still function. The included innovative effects generator software analyses the onscreen events and enables the lights to display the correct colour information to match, including basic left & right directionality. For a list of games that have been tested with amBX click this link Surround lighting - add 2 or more lights for spatialized, directional lighting effects Fully amBX-enabled games can also be aware of a directional element to your games. By connecting more lights to your PC and positioning them around you, it's possible to set up lighting that responds correctly to the positional information in the game; walk past a torch on a dungeon wall in-game and watch as your lights correctly display that light source in the real world. Bring the game into your world. amBX isn't just for games - using various media players it's possible to achieve immersive ambient lighting effects with your music and video content too. 

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