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Mad Catz M.O.J.O Micro Console

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Mobile Gaming Made MassiveWant to make your favorite mobile games even better? Just add M.O.J.O. for a more powerful, console-quality Android gaming experience. See all the fast-paced action in breathtaking HD on your big-screen TV. Hear that catchy background music or those killer sound effects loud and clear, with support for 5.1-channel surround audio. And seize greater control of your in-game characters with the sticks-and-buttons gamepad design you know so well. Put it all together, and you've got a bigger, bolder, home-style version of the mobile games you love.Wide Open and Fully StockedM.O.J.O. offers a truly open platform that gives you free reign of all your preferred storefronts with no walled garden. We provide the hardware and you get the games from anywhere you like. Google Play and NVIDIA TegraZone come pre-loaded, for starters. Have another favorite spot to shop, like Amazon? We're open to it. Choose from the latest releases, the hottest games or the classics. Plus, download all of your previously purchased games and then play them without ever rebuying!Plenty of Mobile Gaming MuscleIt's what's inside that matters. And M.O.J.O. has the heart of a lion, equipped with a powerful NVIDIA Tegra 4 mobile processor that tops out at a blazing 1.8GHz. You'll get high-end gaming performance and rich, detailed graphics that have to be seen to be believed. But make sure you don't blink. You could miss a lot.Seamless GameSmart IntegrationM.O.J.O. resides at the center of the GameSmart universe, filled with innovations designed to deliver crisper, clearer, mobile gameplay you won't find anywhere else. With state-of-the-art gaming mice, keyboards, headphones and gamepads for smart devices, GameSmart surrounds you with the ultimate sensory experience.More Freedom, Fewer TanglesYou are now free to move about the couch. With the latest wireless functionality, M.O.J.O. keeps you untethered from wires. Boasting full support for Wi-Fi and classic Bluetooth v2.1

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