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UE Megaboom Charcoal

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UE MEGABOOM is a portable wireless speaker on steroids. Blast freakishly 360 degrees sound with deep, heart-pounding bass, everywhere you go. UE MEGABOOM’s partyup allows you to wirelessly connect more than 50 portable Bluetooth speakers using the UE application, so you can take your parties where no other sound system can go. Caves, mountain, lakes, rooftops. You name it. So grab your friend’s outdoor speakers and your friend's friend’s speakers and head to any location you can dream up to take the party to another level. With Siri + Google Now voice integration on UE MEGABOOM, just say it to play it. Your UE MEGABOOM can sometimes get into a state where it doesn’t charge. To get your UE MEGABOOM back to a normal charging state, do the following: Connect your speaker to the charger and leave it connected for a few seconds. If the charge LED fails to pulse continuously, disconnect the cable from your speaker, then reconnect it and leave it connected for a few seconds. Repeat steps one and two until your portable speaker gets to a normal charge cycle, the LED should continue to pulse. (This could take up to 25-30 times). Once your speaker gets to a point where it charges normally, continue to charge it until the battery is at 100 per cent. To recharge your Ultimate Ears speaker, plug the included charging cable into the micro-­USB port located inside the weather door. Use the included power supply and USB cable for quickest recharge. Never charge your speaker if the micro-USB port, charging cable or connectors are wet, dirty or damaged. If you’ve used your speaker in a swimming pool or the ocean, we highly recommend that you thoroughly rinse your speaker with fresh water after using it. Once clean, allow the speaker to air dry completely before charging it. While the speaker is waterproof, the chemicals and salt in your pool or the ocean can damage the waterproof seals over time if not rinsed off after use. The micro-USB charging cable included with your speaker is not waterproof. Always charge your speaker with a clean, dry micro-USB connector. If you think your cable or connector has been compromised in any way by water or other contaminants, do not use it to charge your speaker.

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