About Go2Games

G2G Limited is a high quality retailer of computer games, consoles and accessories. G2G are committed to providing the latest and greatest titles, as well as a wide ranging archive of fully refurbished releases. G2G is committed to unprecedented and personal customer service powered by our principles of highly competitive pricing, fast and effective service, and a genuine love for gaming on all platforms. Our relationships with distributors and publishers allow us to be a market leading specialist in getting the right games to you at the best possible prices. We are contactable at any time to service your needs on all issues regarding the highly competitive games retail market.

Craig Constantlydeniesus

Dark Lord of Business Development

The Dark Lord was born at the point of an interstellar star collapse created by light and Dark Matter. He is the wielder of great powers at some points beyond even his perception. Feared by most in the known galaxy the Dark Lord has continued to dominate conversations in even the smallest of gaming colonies. His iron fist and lack of control have begun to diminish after discovering through meditation with the Overlord that his perceived powers although dark are primarily made up of light which can be bent towards good over evil. His empire has since continued to grow under supervision with fear and destruction becoming the lesser of his dominion.


Jess S

Overlord of Operations

The Overlord was won by the Darklord in a fight to the death from the prison planet Grampsparr. Stripped of her Excelorb and awaiting enchanted execution by her captors, her powers were greatly diminished. Thankful for her rescue she nurtured a weak and wreck less entity towards good by navigating around the galaxy using her telepathic abilities to coach the Dark Lord to wield his power for business over death and destruction. Her powers are continuing to grow beyond her previous incarnation. There is no forcible limit to her continued development.


Elena Spyro (Not-the-Dragon)

Sorcerous of Service

The sorcerous was found in an enchanted wood in a small golden box with no locks or key in sight. When released from her enchanted chamber by the Dark Lord she had no explanation as to how or when she got there, but has since been tormented in the quiet dark reaches of the night by vivid dreams of unruly beasts. Her power and confidence has grown under the wing of the Overlord and was given the prestigious title of Sorcerous of Service in a naming ceremony performed by the Director after discovering her talent for the art of interplanetary relations across the gaming universe. A kind hearted soul who is always happy to help and a desire to only use her powers for good.