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    White Knight Chronicles 2 (PS3)
    White Knight Chronicle...

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    Twisted Metal (PS3)
    Twisted Metal (PS3)

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    Go2Games Limited is a South London team of effervescent industry specialists, with the sole aim of being a leading light in the highly competitive retail sector of video games, consoles and accessories. Our knowledge stems from our previous business experience, as well as a passion for all things gaming!

    Go2Games is built around unprecedented customer service. We believe that friendly informative and helpful interaction with a smile can still be achieved in an online transaction. If you have a query regarding any of our products or services, do not hesitate to get in contact and our enthusiastic team will be happy to help!

    Go2Games is powered by our principles of highly competitive pricing, fast and effective service, and a genuine love for gaming on all platforms! If you prefer to game on the go, check out our handheld products for the Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS as well as the formidable PS Vita. Get interactive with our Wii and Wii U products or build up a sweat on Kinect compatible titles. A vast range of PC stock will keep even the most hard core of the gaming community occupied. The bigger hitters are now out with next gen consoles set to take the world by storm as not only a games centre, but a fully-fledged family entertainment system. Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One's supersede of their respective predecessors PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively does not mean we will be limiting support; we simply now view these as the tip of an iceberg in a vast ocean of Gaming. You would't have a child and stop looking after the ones you already have would you?

    We hold physical stock of the latest and greatest titles as well as a fantastic range of the older classics to suit your gaming style! Are you buying on behalf of an avid gamer? We have not only the product but the recommendation where needed. Anything that requires further exploration will be investigated in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Go2games Limited are committed to bringing our customers the latest in developments on new gaming platforms. Our small team enables us to provide extremely personal customer service as well as the latest news and reviews. We not only want you to enjoy the escapism involved in gaming; we want to enjoy it with you, so networking with likeminded gamers on a worldwide scale is high on the agenda. Get talking via Facebook, Twitter and our Blog and share your gaming experiences with us, and the world.

    So go on and Get2Gaming!
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